Tiff Hare

The Placenta Girl 

Photo courtesy of  Tammy Bradshaw Photography


Tiff is certified with IPPA (International Placenta and Postpartum Association), holds a NJ Food Safety and Handlers card, and holds a certificate with OSHA for Doulas and Placenta Encapsulators. 

In 2008, Tiff gave birth to a micro-preemie baby boy who survived only a short time in her arms. It was that experience that catapulted her into the world of birth. Soon after the birth of her baby, Cooper, Tiff received certification with BirthWorks, International as a childbirth educator. She then went on to have two more healthy baby boys via in vitro fertilization.

Following the birth of Mason, born in 2009, Tiff struggled with what was later diagnosed as postpartum anxiety. Mason was born via cesarean section, which led her even further down the birth support path. In 2011, Tiff began practicing as a labor doula and later trained with CAPPA. Many of her doula clients began to ask about placenta encapsulation, which spurred her to enroll with IPPA.  Soon Tiff began to focus her business solely on encapsulation.

Her third baby, Bodhi,  was born safely at home in 2014. Tiff credits her placenta pills for a fabulous postpartum experience.

At this time, she has safely processed nearly 400 placentas for happy moms throughout South and Central Jersey, Jersey Shore, Delaware, and the Philadelphia region. Between doing the mom thing and running her business, Tiff takes every opportunity to expand her knowledge base regarding placentas and their benefits. 


Certified Encapsulation Specialist with IPPA

Certificate in Blood borne Pathogens for Doulas and Encapsulators with OSHA

New Jersey Food Handlers Safety Course Certificate

Certified Child Birth Educator with BirthWorks, International

16 hours of CAPPA birth doula training 

24 hours of BirthWorks birth doula training

Completion of Helping Babies Breathe course

Completion of Creating Space workshop 

Certified Yoga Instructor

Certified Children's Yoga Instructor

Certified in NJ Secondary Education with 10 years of classroom experience


"Tiff was awesome. She left me feeling less alone and more taken care of at a fragile time. She was both professional and friendly. Tiff told us exactly what we needed to do, provided very last minute services, was prompt in delivery and very willing to work with us and our situation. The package she delivered was very cute. She included instructions and contact info as well as a special little gift Tiff was even kind enough to always keep in touch and made herself available to me and my family. Thank you." ~Steph C.
"I have used Tiffany for encapsulation twice, and both times I have been incredibly wowed by her professionalism. She is so obviously passionate about the service that she provides, and goes out of her way to educate and empower the women she works with. I highly recommend her!" ~Tammy B.
"I can't say enough positive things about my experience with placenta encapsulation and with working with Tiff at Karma Birth Services! I fervently credit my placenta pills with helping me keep my head above water in one of the most challenging times of my life. I am so grateful to have been able to utilize Karma's services twice and recommend them to LITERALLY anyone and everyone who is either having a baby or knows someone who is having a baby! Consume your placenta, you will be amazed!" ~Jeannie T.
"So so so Awesome!!!! Placenta encapsulation is so amazing and awesome!!! So is the salve and tincture made from it as well!!! If you're not so sure about it, maybe a little skeptical, well the Truth is it works. It's awesome, Karma Birth Services is super super awesome!!! I so wish we would have kept the placenta with our previous births. Best birthing gift ever!!!! Thank you Tiff!" ~Jeffrey K. 
"Tiff was amazing! I used her for two of my pregnancies and couldn't have been happier!" ~Kasey M.

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