Your Questions


What is included in the fee? 

  • Placenta processing

  • Free consultation (upon request)

  • Complete information packet

  • Reserved due date and availability even if baby arrives early or late

  • Proper storage container

  • Recommended dosage and storage instructions

  • Follow-up throughout your first six weeks postpartum

How do you ensure my safety?

  • The process is completed in a sanitary work environment

  • We are triple-certified with IPPA, OSHA, and NJ Food Safety

  • In order to avoid cross-contamination, we only process one placenta at a time

  • All reusable supplies are either stainless steel or food-grade plastic

  • Supplies are thoroughly washed with hot water and soap

  • Supplies are sanitized in a bleach solution in accordance with OSHA recommendations

  • When possible, disposable supplies are utilized

  • A complete list of supplies used is included in your information packet

What is my responsibility in this process? 

  • Inform your care provider of your plans

  • Do not allow your placenta to leave your room (when birthing in hospital or birth center)

  • Bring a labeled zip-closed bag and a cooler to your birth place for storage

  • Text us when you are in labor and again when baby arrives

  • Relax!

How should I handle the placenta? 

  • At a home birth, your midwife will likely double-bag your placenta and then place in your refrigerator until pick-up

  • In a hospital or birth center, keep the placenta in your room and on ice in zip-closed bags and in your cooler. Let your nurses know that the placenta cannot be treated with chemicals

How long until I get my pills?

  • When possible, pick-up occurs within 12 hours of giving birth

  • In most cases your pills will be returned to you the following day, but we guarantee that you will have your completed capsules by day three postpartum

Am I allowed to take my placenta? 

  • Your placenta is yours to take and do with as you wish

  • There are no state regulations regarding placenta release in NJ, PA, or DE

  • Many local hospitals have written policies regarding placenta release, which makes the process simple

  • If your hospital does not have a specific placenta policy, they typically refer to a "products of conception" policy

  • In many cases, your care providers will be happy to help you take possession of your placenta, even when your birth place has no specific policy

How long will my pills last?

  • That depends on how many pills you receive, which varies from about 90-250; the average placenta yields about 140 pills

  • At about 6 weeks, remaining pills should be placed in the freezer to preserve potency

  • Pills should be consumed within 2 years

How far will you travel? 

  • We pick up and deliver within approximately 75 minutes of zip code 08034

  • An additional travel fee applies for travel outside of 30 minutes of zip code 08034

  • We have team members available to assist with pick up in order to ensure that your placenta is collected in a timely manner

How do I sign up? 

  • Click here to register for services

  • Complete the online service agreement form

  • We will respond during office hours (Friday mornings of each week) with your information packet, client checklist, and invoice

  • We require a $50 non-refundable deposit in order to reserve your due date

  • Your balance is due prior to delivery of your encapsulation package

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