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Not Sure About Placenta Encapsulation? Learn About Benefits from Moms Who’ve Tried It.

Researching the benefits of placenta encapsulation? You’ve come to the right place.

Karma Birth Services provides placenta encapsulation Philadelphia moms trust for professional, personalized, and meticulously safe services. We’ve provided over 350 women with a variety of placenta consumption services, both in the city and beyond. Helping women feel their best after giving birth is our passion.    

It would be one thing for us to tell you about the many reported benefits of placenta encapsulation, but we think our clients can say it better. Keep reading for some firsthand experiences from just a few of the moms we’ve served: 

  • Iron Levels. Many moms report that placenta pills help restore iron levels. Our client Alexandra said, “My iron levels ended up rising back up a lot faster than expected because of the readily available iron in the placenta.”
  • Energy, Mood, and Milk Supply. Most moms tell us about a number of benefits they experienced taking placenta pills. Michelle reported, “Positive and happy energy, perfect milk supply and ease of nursing, and getting my body back to feeling great were some of the best benefits that I’m convinced were at least aided by placenta consumption.” Lauren said, “Helped my postpartum depression, increased my milk supply, and gave me energy.”
  • Postpartum Depression Prevention. Some moms tell us their placenta pills helped them avoid postpartum depression. Nina had this to say: “I believe that ingesting placenta pills is a key factor in preventing postpartum depression...I can speak from personal experience with both my births that as soon as I started taking the placenta pills, I felt my energy, mood and vitality greatly increase.”
  • Hormonal Stability. Following birth, hormones can be erratic. Placenta encapsulation can help with this, too. Jaci said, “It provided hormone stability in a time that I really needed it…Eat and wear your placenta people! And only do it with Karma Birth.”
  • Faster Recovery.  Moms who didn’t take placenta pills after previous births reported feeling the difference when did. Adrianna said, “Helped boost my energy when I really needed it and I definitely had a quicker recovery this time around (did not encapsulate placenta with my first!) Great milk supply booster!!”
  • Overall Feeling of Wellness. Some moms tell us they just felt better overall. Megan said, “I loved my placenta pills and would recommend them and Tiff to any woman who’s pregnant. Only wish I had more, I would take them as long as I could. They really helped give me that extra bit of energy I needed, especially those first two weeks.”

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